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FloMotion Dance Company, LLC, established in 2002/2003 under the direction of Tori Closson-Simpson and Aleksa Chmiel, thrived for a solid five years being a staple in the Philadelphia Hip Hop Community.  The company was created to invoke an inclusive,artistic outlet for adult female hip hop dancers in the tri-state area.  The company was one of the few pioneer companies in the area with a final appearance in Tokyo, Japan in 2006.  The company has had a vast resume of performances, trainings and appearances over that five year time frame.  During the summer of 2006, after their performances in Tokyo, the two directors put the company of hiatus as they both moved to different regions of the country.

In 2012, Tori Closson-Simpson returned to the east coast and with much persuasion and convincing, brought the company back.  Within those years, the company, once again, performed and gained a different level of respect in this new age of hip hop dance.  Over the last few years, the company established a new Board of Directors, Lisa Urbanowicz Andre Morris and Shannon Cooper. One member of the board, Andre, has always had a highly invested level of interest in the growth of the company. 

Tori Closson

Owner & Director of FloMotion Dance Company

Andre Morris

Director of Flo Xclusive &  Flo University
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Emily Dilworth

Director of Flo Xclusive &  Flo University

He, along with Tori, decided to make the company into divisions:

  • FloMotion OG's 

  • FloMotion University

  • FloMotion Xclusive

Andre Morris, along with Emily Dilworth are the Co-Directors of FloMotion University and FloMotion Xclusive.  Today, FloMotion Xclusive is still active and involved in the community. Stemming from New York City to the DC area, the FloMotion Brand is still thriving and classy as ever. 


Divisions of the Company

FloMotion Xclusive

FloMotion Xclusive is our junior division of the company, comprised of dancers aged 13-18. This is currently our most active division competing in local competitions and performing in and around our community

FloMotion University

FloMotion University is our collegiate division of the company, comprised of dancers aged 18-22. This division is most active during the Summer when our dancers are home from College

FloMotion OG's

FloMotion OG's are our adult division, and the original division of FloMotion Dance Company. This division is where FloMotion Dance Company gets its roots as an all female adult hip hop company. Members are age 22+